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Do You Have A Book In A Slush Pile?

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Do you have a book in a slush pile, meaning that amorphous reject heap at a publishing company?  If you have ever sent in a book for a publisher’s review (maybe several publishers) then your heart will warm to this story on Mary Rosenblum’s blog called New Writers:

“…big NY publishers are making money off the slush pile. That is, they are offering those rejected  authors the chance to buy a few services and put their books out as ebooks with the company, getting back a pretty paltry royalty per download.”

Do You Have an Info Marketing Book In A Slush Pile?

Do You Have an Info Marketing Book In A Slush Pile?

Has this ever happened to you? I mean, have you received an also-ran offer and wondered if it was actually a good opportunity that you should not turn down?

Rosenblum goes on to say, “…you will do much better to pay for quality publishing services and put the book out on your own.”

There’s a lot of discussion on this subject across the web, and I’m sure you’ve probably been pulled into the swirling conversation if you’re preparing to publish a book or an e-book yourself.  Have you formed an opinion on the self-publishing vs traditional publishing issue?

I say there’s a time and a place for both. But I certainly would not let a publisher that rejected my work use it for their own benefit. No way.

This story is the heart-warmer, saved for last. Rosenblum writes that she heard about, “…a couple of women who had created low-calorie cocktail mixes and pitched their idea to all the big liquor companies. Every one turned them down. They developed and marketed Skinny Girl Cocktails themselves and later sold the line to one of those same companies that had turned them down — for over $100,000 profit.”

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