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Do You Know The Difference Between Tactics And Strategy?

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Do you know the difference between tactics and strategy? This is not about hair-splitting, believe me, because without an understanding of them both you can get caught up in details without long-term plans goals.

Strategy is the big picture. It’s how you win the war, not the details of each battle. So, naturally, those short-term techniques employed in each battle are the tactics.

What does all this mean to you as an information marketer? It means you have to set a course with your strategies before launching head-first into using different tactics on a trial-and-error basis, meaning without an overall plan of action.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Tactics And Strategy?

Novelist CJ Lyons blogged on this topic lately, providing the following strategies she uses to sell millions (literally) of books:

*Engaging your audience via a newsletter, blog, or social media—not because you “have” to, but because they’re interested in connecting with you for the long term
*Partnerships with fellow professionals: editors, cover artists, formatters, financial advisors, etc.
*Building your brand so that everything you do communicates your promise to your audience
*Writing more great books
*Organizing your finances and business to give you more time to write more great books

Lyons’ points directed towards novelists apply to information marketers as well. These items are not the ones you’re “trying out” to discover whether or not they work for you. These five items are the bedrock of your successful information marketing business. It all starts with strategic thinking and action. At my Bootcamps we build strategies, and then we move forward with tactics to carry them out.

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