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There are a lot of people who are trying to start or build information marketing businesses. Unfortunately, a number of mistakes are being made that prevent them from truly succeeding. I’d like to cover a few of them for you and show you ways to avoid falling into the traps.

1. Choosing the wrong “guru” to follow. There are so many people out there who claim to be teaching folks how to “do” information marketing that there is a lot of confusion. For the person just starting out in the information marketing business, this is a major problem. Who should you follow? Who should you model? Who do you BELIEVE? These are all good questions.

The novice info product marketer is going to be CONFUSED. My advice is to understand that you cannot equate good marketing ability with one’s ability to TEACH a topic. My most important suggestion is to get a hold of as much free information from each of the sources as you possibly can. This will at least give you an idea of what they are producing. From that, you’ll have a good idea of the quality of their information.

2. Expecting TOO much TOO soon. Many folks who teach (or pretend to teach) information marketing are promising folks that they will get rich overnight. If you see this LINE OF CRAP being pedaled, run in the opposite direction. Selling info products is a business like any other. In order to be successful, it WILL take time. If you see anyone making promises that appear too good to be true, they ARE!

3. Not understanding “The Dip.” Seth Godin wrote a book a while back called THE DIP. In this book he explains how people in any field must go through a period of time where they are learning and will get few, if any results. Most people can’t handle not being successful right away and will give up. IF you’re one of the people to NOT do this, you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding just because you were willing to “tough it out.” I can’t agree with Seth’s premise more. Information marketing requires tenacity and persistence. Without those two traits, your chances for success are MUCH reduced.

4. Producing products that aren’t content packed and easy to follow. Once you’ve gotten through the three elements above, you have to start producing your own info products. When you do, many people teach that it’s not really important how GOOD they are. Again, this is terrible advice. YOU need to make sure that the products you produce are not just good but outstanding.

What does that mean? That they are easy to follow, use and understand. Anything that you produce that does NOT fall into this category is useless.

There you  have a few of the key elements necessary to make sure your chances for success as an information marketer are substantially enhanced. Avoid these mistakes in your information marketing business and you’ll be way ahead of the game. I look forward to seeing you (as Zig Ziglar says) “at the top.”

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