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Do You Need A Book Proposal For Your Non-Fiction Book?

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Do you need a book proposal for your non-fiction book?  The logical answer is NO, but you might want to look at that again. Although you probably do not need a book proposal for getting a traditional publisher, assuming you are going to choose the more popular route of self-publishing now, there’s another excellent reason to consider working on a book proposal.

Here’s Jennifer Lawler’s explanation from her post on  Michelle Rafter’s blog lately:

“A book proposal consists of these main parts:

info marketing book proposal

Do You Need A Book Proposal For Your Non-Fiction Book?

Overview – Briefly describes what the book is about

About the author – Explains why you’re the right person to write the book

Competitive analysis – Compares your book to others like it and shows how it’s different

Platform/promotion – Describes how you’ll promote the book

Chapter outline – Drills into what each chapter of the book will cover

Sample chapter – Showcases your writing

Writers often think if they’re planning to self-publish, they don’t need to write a book proposal. As a veteran author and publishing consultant, I have to warn against this. Too frequently, authors write a book and then realize it doesn’t stand out from the competition — so no one will want to buy it. Had they done a competitive analysis as part of a book proposal, they would have discovered that deficit, and could have tweaked their idea to be more appealing to intended readers.”

This is a great idea from an experienced author who knows what it takes to get and keep yourself on track, whether or not you need to convince a traditional publisher to look at your information marketing book at any point.

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