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Do You Need Multiple Domain Names For Your Information Marketing Websites?

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Is it true that you need multiple domain names for your information marketing websites? Some marketers buy dozens of domains and renew them regularly, whether or not those domain names are in use. The idea is this – multiple domain names can be forwarded to the main domain name that is used in your marketing content. The more domains you have, the more traffic you are likely to capture.

This is an idea that has proponents on both sides of the fence; some traffic experts suggest using multiple domain names, and others say it’s a waste of money to buy and then re-register the additional domains every year. Besides the additional expense, it appears there’s another possible reason to avoid the use of multiple domain names, according to Richard L. Trethewey:

info marketing top level domain names

Do You Need Multiple Domain Names For Your Information Marketing Websites?

“When Google detects duplicate content, it tries to select the best version of the page, (the “canonical version”), and devalue the copies. The common phrase ‘duplicate content penalty’ is a bit of a misnomer, since there is no overt penalty involved. But, the problem is that you don’t get to pick which copy is selected as the canonical version and which one gets ignored. So you can have half of your content indexed under one domain, and the rest on another, all of which kills your internal linking benefits, and damages your overall rankings on both domains.”

I’m not in a position to take sides on this issue, but it’s pretty obvious that information marketers need to understand what really happens when they use multiple domain names pointing to the same website for the purpose of attracting more traffic with the use of keywords in the domain names.

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