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Come on now, admit it. Do you think you can do everything yourself in your information marketing business? If so, you have A LOT of company.  Most of us start out that way, and then we learn the hard way. We find out that nobody can really do all the tasks required in marketing information, and do them well, and as often as required for success.

Peter Sandeen is a copy writer and conversion specialist, and he recently posted a blog titled, “3 Common Beliefs That Will Ruin Your Business,” the first one being, ‘ I Can Do Everything Myself’.  Just looking at that last sentence on my screen makes me think about a stubborn toddler, refusing to believe that he cannot drive the car all by himself. And, sadly, it reminds me of myself when I started out in business.

info marketing multi tasking

Do You Think You Can Do Everything Yourself?

Knowing the specific things that ONLY you can do, and sticking to those particular tasks, while delegating as many others as possible, is the sign of a mature business person, not a stubborn toddler who has plenty of determination, but insufficient size and skill.

Most of us try to do everything because we don’t have the resources to pay for help, at least at first. We don’t delegate or outsource because we don’t have the capital to do so. But a few of us, the information marketers of the world, will probably die trying to do it all ourselves, no matter how much money we earn. Maybe we are control freaks, or maybe we are gluttons for punishment… What do you think?

My point is, try to see your own talents and skills clearly, and find a way to get others to do the remaining tasks, which leaves you more time to do what you do well.

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