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This is really an invitation for comments. Do you use social media for your info products? Please share your experiences if possible. I make limited use of Facebook and Twitter in my information marketing business, and maybe I’m missing the boat. Any comments to share with me and my blog readers?

Lately I’ve seen social media predictions for 2013, as well as a particularly dismal infographic showing the “great failures” of social media in the past.  It definitely makes you think that social media is not an enduring phenomenon, on any platform, including those we all know and love (?) at the present time.

information marketing in social media

Social media and Information Marketing

I’m not making any predictions here, but Facebook and Twitter are ramping up advertising opportunities now, and those opportunities are designed to attract big advertising dollars. They are not designed to enhance the social environment at all. In fact, more and larger ads will not attract more users to the social networks. People are not using those platforms to get another daily dose of advertising, even from their favorite info marketers.

Frederic Gonzalo describes the look and feel of the changes on Facebook in an article on SocialMediaToday. All I can say is, “fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen,” when I read Gonzalo’s introductory explanation, “Facebook will now tap into its huge database of users interactions to power a search tool that will not simply provide you with a bunch of links, like in a classic search with Google, Yahoo or Bing, but rather add a whole social layer upon it.” That social layer mines information your friends and followers have posted.

With one billion users and counting, that could be a LOT of personal, mined information showing up in search results.

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