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Do Your Best Job Everytime

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Whenever you see articles and information products that don’t seem up-to-par, and you may wonder what the author of the article or the creator of the products was thinking when he or she put out low-quality work, you had better take a deep breath and consider if you’ve ever cut corners in your writing, too. This post is about the importance of choosing to do your best job every time.

Linda Formichelli posted on her blog, The Renegade Writer, and although she is speaking to freelance writers, her point is well-taken by all of us who write in order to create and build our information marketing business, “Your job is to only accept gigs where you know it will be worth your time to do your best work. So if taking on a low-paying assignment means you’re tempted to cut corners, then you shouldn’t do articles at that rate.”

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Do Your Best Job Everytime

Perhaps you are not being paid to write articles because you are producing them to promote your own products, or other people’s products as an affiliate. But Formichelli’s point is clear – no matter how much you are being paid or compensated by a writing assignment, and no matter how many people may see your work, doing your best work is likely to pay off eventually. Sooner or later, someone will notice the quality of your writing and introduce you to another opportunity that will very likely be more lucrative for you.

Guest blogging and posting comments on other sites carries the same admonition, too. Don’t forget to check your spelling and grammar, every single time your words will represent you online. You just never know who will read them and respond.

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