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Do Your Info Products Have An International Voice?

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Sometimes Americans lose perspective on the rest of the world. We live and create our products for other people relatively similar to ourselves.  And that can be a big mistake now that the majority of the world is connected digitally. Do your info products have an international voice?

This is not always an easy question to answer. The best way to do so is to have beta readers in other countries who are willing to read your e-books and review your information products with an eye and an ear to their respective cultures. No matter how hard we try, we cannot really see our own work the way others see it, especially other people who live in or come from other cultures.

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Do Your Info Products Have An International Voice?

Naturally, by “international voice” I am not referring to translations into other languages, although that is another important subject to consider as well. But here I am talking about cultural expressions and references that allow readers and listeners to personally relate to your information products. You want what you write and say in your recordings to make sense to people all over the world, right?

Scot Gardner is am Australian novelist writing for young adults, which is an entirely different type of writing than producing information products. But he has struggled with the process of writing for a global audience, too.  Here’s what he says on Publishing Perspectives lately:

“One of the big advantages in writing for teens is that they are a captive market, penned together in schools for the best part of the year, encouraged to read (coerced to read…forced) and hungry for something real and meaningful from the outside. I was talking to my readers, listening to their stories and book sales improved in regions after I’d visited them.”

My point in sharing Gardner’s words is that he had to travel and interact with readers in different regions before he could really relate to them and write effectively for them. The same may be true for you as you develop an international voice for your information product audience.

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