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If you are involved in selling info products of ANY kind, you’re familiar with the “new” product launch formula. Because of the success of this SYSTEM, everyone and their brother is copying the model.

Does it work? Yes.

Will it continue to work, long term? NOPE. Here’s why.

Many years before he became a well known entity in the information marketing field, I had Jeff Walker over to my house for an interview. The formula that he laid out was much the same one he and others are using today.

The reason why I think that it’s lifespan is coming to an end is because of what I saw happen with the Amazon BestSeller system.

Many years back when people wanted to get their book to the top of the charts at Amazon they recruited a bunch of JV partners to help promote their book. The idea was to give people a boatload of bonuses for buying on a given day. When it was done right, the book rocketed to the top of the charts (often for ONE DAY ONLY).

This would allow the author to legitimately claim that he/she had written and produced and Amazon BEST SELLER.

I’m no longer seeing Amazon promotions like the one I just described. AND, my educated guess is that the PRODUCT LAUNCH formula will die a similar death.

Like the boy who cried wolf, marketers are beating a horse that will eventually DIE. To be effective, any marketing methodology can’t be WORN OUT. Overexposure for celebrities is the KISS OF DEATH.

The same holds true with the product launch formula. Too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing. Had the product launch folks been a bit more careful, they could have extended it’s life. They did not. Everyone wanted the golden goose and they wanted it now. Net result, the goose is in the process of being squeezed to death.

It’s just like email. When I first starting getting email in the early nineties, I was excited. Slowly, that enthusiasm waned. That feeling has now moved to DISDAIN. Why? Because MOST of the email I get is CRAP!

Is everything that is launched via the Product Launch Formula crap? Not at all. But, overexposure will KILL this animal.

Maybe not right now, but shortly!

Why? Because people are getting NUMB. They have been hammered with the same formula over and over and over ad nauseum.

What will replace it?

My guess? The SLOW LAUNCH FORMULA. But, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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