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Does Your Blog Provide Confidence For Your Audience?

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Jeff Molander, author of Off The Hook Marketing: How To Make Social Media Sell For You, posted a truly thought provoking post this week. It’s about confidence as a blogger, and it shines a light on the confidence we inspire (or not) in our blog readers, not our own personal confidence.

Does your blog provide confidence for your audience?

Molander says, “The blogging gurus love to tell us to build trust with prospects using social media. Yet they never mention the best way to build enough trust to close a sale. (probably because they’ve never actually closed a sale).

information marketing blogging

Does Your Blog Provide Confidence For Your Audience?

I’m talking about helping a buyer get so confident in themselves—so sure that buying will give them everything they want—they can’t help themselves. They buy because they cannot argue against not buying anymore! (and of their own free will, of course).”

I must say that’s pretty refreshing to see such candor in print. If my blog readers are not getting anything out of my posts, they need to find somebody else with whom to connect. I mean it!

More Molander with advice to bloggers who are selling products:

“Make sure your blog articles, video tutorials, white papers, ebooks and such are: Taking prospects on a journey toward (or away from) what it is you sell and creating confidence along the way by solving problems and/or teaching them new skills.”

These comments are specifically directed towards bloggers who are marketing themselves in order to make money. If you are building an information marketing business, that means YOU.

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