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Most subject matter experts who want to sell information products have absolutely NO interest in understanding the mechanics of the process. That’s not what they’re excited and passionate about. That passion is reserved, in most cases, for their SUBJECT.

Makes sense, right?

So, what’s your move as someone who does information marketing for a given group or niche? If you agree with premise above, it means that you need to be looking to provide ways to give folks a DONE FOR YOU solution to just about everything.

Here’s an example to illustrate the point.

Let’s say that you’re the person who is the foremost expert on desert gardening. You have developed a line of info products to show people who live in the southwestern portion of the U.S. (and other desert regions around the globe) how to put together a kick-butt garden that would be pictured in a magazine.

You have developed a great website which gives people all of the various tools, ideas and solutions to make their garden the best looking one in their neighborhood. You have created a heap of video and audio training and a series of books.

You have EVERYTHING laid out for the do-it-yourself community of gardeners.

Tomorrow, Mr. X visits your site. He’s intrigued because he wants HIS garden to look super-cool and even win awards. He buys everything that you’ve got available for sale. He goes through some of it and is blown away by your training and expertise.

One problem. He’s a hotshot corporate guy and has very limited time. As much as he wants to have the garden of his dreams and has the money to make it happen, he is NEVER going to be able to do it himself. Just not gonna happen.

You now come to his rescue.

You’ve created a relationship with landscapers in every major metropolitan area who understand and know how to implement YOUR ideas and systems for HIS garden. He gives YOU a bundle of cash and you contract directly with the landscaper taking a nice commission for yourself.

Six weeks later the corporate DUDE has a party to show everyone what “he’s done” with the garden. The guests are oohing and aahing while they sip their white wine spritzers. He is introducing YOU (he flew you in for the event) to all of his FAT CAT friends. They ALL want your business card.

At the end of the year you sit down with your accountant and find out that this portion of your business is quickly becoming close to 50% of your revenue. NICE. VERY NICE.

I’m not saying that this can or will happen overnight. BUT, I am saying that this scenario is POSSIBLE. Very possible.

Those folks who find you online are at all different levels. Some like to DO IT THEMSELVES. Others prefer to have you do it for them.

Don’t forget the folks who want YOU to do it for THEM. They will make you and your accountant VERY happy!!


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