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Don’t Let Your Info Marketing Emails Turn Into Spam

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All the work you put into writing and sending your information marketing emails is a complete waste of time if those emails are never opened or read. That’s not earth-shaking news to any of us, but what amazes me is that many people who are crafting emails to send to their lists seem to forget how they feel when they receive spam emails. They lose the perspective of the email recipient entirely.

That’s not a good plan. All the while, as you develop the email marketing campaign, choose your ideas, your words, your bulk email service provider and your timing with care. Think really hard about all these things from the perspective of your target market, especially the people who are on your list (or any list you may be using) and consider how they will feel when they see your subject line in their inboxes.

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Don’t Let Your Info Marketing Emails Turn Into Spam

Oh, even before that happens, their spam filters may intercept your email and reject it. Yes, that happens more often than you might realize. Spam filters can be set to different levels, and if there’s a high level filter between your incoming email and a recipient’s inbox, your email may very well land in the junk email.

Michelle Davidson posted her interview with Kendra Lee, and their discussion included the following important heads-up for information marketers sending bulk emails:

“Part of what can cause it to get caught is the amount of graphics and the links that you have included. So, you want to be careful about the types of links and how many graphics you include,’ she says.”

Just this one tip is really something to consider as you develop your marketing emails.

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