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Don’t Overlook Snail Mailing To Market Information

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The internet is not the only way to reach your target market, so you don’t want to overlook snail mailing to market information. Direct mail can be very effective because it has less competition now that most people spend so much time online. Their mailbox can be a treasure trove, depending on your market and your info product.

Charley Howard explained some advantages of direct mail on Target Marketing lately,  “…the latest digital presses allow rapid-response, highly targeted, personalized mail campaigns without the penalty of higher postage.” He is involved in very high-level, high-volume direct mail campaigns, but his article provides information marketers with some good ideas, too.  We cannot forget the post office when it comes to marketing information.


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Don’t Overlook Snail Mailing To Market Information

Maggie Young talked about direct mail on BBlog recently, too:

“A recent study conducted by IBM found that 82% of CMOs are planning on increasing their use of social media over the next 3-5 years.  As more and more marketers are becoming savvy with social media marketing, the messaging highway is fast becoming a massive information traffic jam. Yet, with all of these people online, more and more consumers report that they prefer to receive information from direct mail.  By including direct mail marketing into your social media strategy, you stand the chance of maneuvering through the crowded lanes into the mind of your target audience.”

How can you know if your information product clients and customers would respond well to a postcard or even a CD you send them by mail? One way to find out is to ask them, by email or on social media. That’s one way to combine online and offline communication to find the best ways to reach your target market, just the way they like it.

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