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Dynamics of Info Product Launches

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I’ll bet you have purchased programs or software during a big launch online. Is that right? If so, then you have been personally involved in the dynamics of info products launches as a customer. That’s an important experience to remember when you are preparing your own information marketing product launches.

Seth Godin posted on the topic of products launches lately. True to his typical persona, Godin choose a unique vantage point to post on his blog:

info product launch

Dynamics of Info Product Launches

“The problem with a great launch strategy is it just might sabotage your real goal, which is a project that lasts. The risk of changing your product or service so that it launches well is that you may end up changing it into something that doesn’t hold up.

Let’s be clear–the product is more than ever the marketing. The danger kicks in when the marketing focus is so weighted toward the launch that we end up changing the product to serve that goal.”

The way I read Godin’s comments, we may very well shoot ourselves in the foot by structuring our information marketing product launches without a long-term goal. Big mistake. A big product launch can be exhausting and expensive, and without carefully planning it may not produce the results we desire.

There is not just one way to plan an information product launch, of course. And furthermore, as time goes by, and with your particular target market in mind, planning your product launch will differ from the plans that other entrepreneurs may make. It’s a custom-made process for each of us, and each of our individual info products.

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