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E-book Publishing Ideas For Information Marketing

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E-book publishing ideas for information marketing are summarized pretty succinctly in this evergreen blog post by Jane Friedman on Writer Unboxed. She does a great job, and I’d like to share some of her post with my blog readers, too:

“If your book is not selling as well as you would’ve thought, given your existing reach to your audience, then look at each one of the 4Ps, [the standard “marketing mix” – product, price, place, promotion] and decide where your weakness might lie. Then develop a strategy to strengthen your position, and a way to measure your effectiveness. The only way you can improve over time is to analyze what works and what doesn’t work.

info marketing 4 ps

E-book Publishing Ideas For Information Marketing

Anecdotally speaking, I often see the most weakness in authors’ key selling points; some people have a hard time getting past “Buy my book!” You’ll have to be more imaginative than that to catch a stranger’s attention!”

Friedman is basing her comments on standard marketing advice, and that was fine in 2011 when she wrote this blog post. But now there are a lot more places where your information products can and should be found online. And, there is a lot more competition for digital information products, making the issue of price of even greater concern now.

Despite those deep changes in the online marketplace, selling your information products when you speak to groups of people in person is still a powerful way to capture all 4ps in one place, at one time. Access to your e-book can be provided on your tangible products and on your business card, too.

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