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E-book Stats for Your Info Product Marketing

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Nothing like a good controversy to bring attention to a topic, and Nicholas Carr sparked a good one with his updated article in the Wall Street Journal lately. You might want to see his e-book stats for your info product marketing because they are surprising.

Carr asserts,” A 2012 survey by Bowker Market Research revealed that just 16% of Americans have actually purchased an e-book and that a whopping 59% say they have “no interest” in buying one.” I guess Bowker didn’t survey info marketers, what do you think?

information marketing ebooks

Information Marketing Ebook Stats

Here’s another quote, a bit more encouraging, ”E-books, in other words, may turn out to be just another format—an even lighter-weight, more disposable paperback. That would fit with the discovery that once people start buying digital books, they don’t necessarily stop buying printed ones. In fact, according to Pew, nearly 90% of e-book readers continue to read physical volumes. The two forms seem to serve different purposes.”

I agree with him on that. Reading for information is not a spectator sport, in my opinion. It involves highlighters and notes in the margin, which are things you cannot do with or to an e-book.  The three disadvantages of physical books are cost, weight and space, none of which plague e-books.  It seems to me that there will always be circumstances best suited for one format or the other, possibly both.

Giving readers a choice of format for your info product marketing is the best plan anyway. Provide a transcript along with audio products so your material can be read, too.  That’s the best way to appeal to both visual and auditory learners. You’ll find out as time goes by if your customers prefer e-books.

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