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Email Marketing Just Got A Lot Tougher

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For all its valuable qualities, email marketing just got a lot tougher now that Gmail has started identifying and sorting emails automatically. If you don’t use Gmail and haven’t noticed the new features, you’re in for a surprise as regards the recipients of your information marketing email campaigns.

What it boils down to is this – unless a recipient has shown a history of opening your marketing emails, your present and future emails may not show up in their main inbox anymore. At the present time, Gmail users have to opt-in to the sorting system. But who knows if it will become a standard operation procedure in the future?

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Email Marketing Just Got A Lot Tougher

“In case you haven’t heard, Gmail is becoming a virtual assistant to its users. The new interface automatically sorts incoming messages into five tabs: Primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. Using the new design is optional, but one should expect the majority of Gmail users to convert once it rolls out completely.”

That’s a quote from Debra Ellis’ recent post, and she’s reporting facts from the Gmail Blog.  As goes Gmail, so go most other email providers it seems. So this is definitely a trend to watch for your own email marketing campaigns.

Personal emails will take precedence over the other four categories, but you’ll note that “social” is the second tab after “primary.” I’m thinking we all need to keep a close watch on how this system develops, and how it works for frequent email marketers. Please comment on your experiences so far.

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