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Like it or not, take it or leave it, we all have to embrace Google to market information now. We simply do not have a choice at all. As goes Google, so goes the web in general. At least at the present time.

A Yahoo site, The Daily Ticker, posted a video about Google’s $1000 per share stock price, which may be old news by the time you read this blog post, but it makes my point nevertheless.  With its stock prices soaring and Google Stores opening soon in a mall near you, the world’s most powerful search engine has morphed into a digital product giant as well.

google information marketing

Embrace Google to Market Information Now

I know you use Google to surf the web, and quite likely for your email host as well. But what do you really know about Google as an entity? This is a good time to find out how you can build your information marketing business using all the tools and information that Google has to offer to boost your success.

Aligning yourself may include starting and maintaining your Google+ profile, posting videos on YouTube (owned by Google), blogging on (owned by Google) and buying and using a Motorola smart phone (owned by Google).  The possibilities are quickly becoming endless.

I am not taking sides on this issue or attempting to stir up controversy, but it’s important to understand the online environment in which you’re building an info marketing business.  Knowing where your products will be marketed, and how your sites and your products will be seen by your clients and customers is incredibly important to your success.

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