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Finding and Keeping Your Target Market

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Sometimes I get good ideas from ‘way outside the information marketing box. And here’s one today from a woman with a custom yarn and knitting business, selling her crafts on Etsy, the hugely popular site for hand-crafted items. Brenda Lavell says:

“When your potential customer turns into a real customer, start building actual relationships. Learn about their interests and needs by talking with them via your Facebook business page or at craft shows. You’ll be able to further refine your niche market while turning one-off customers into repeat buyers.

Targeting Your Real Info Product Market

Finding and Keeping Your Target Market

I thought there was a “trick” to finding your target market, then learned that finding my target market is just a process. Defining my ideal customer was key, as well as effectively engaging true via social media. As a result, when I quit my day job last year, I was able to support myself entirely with my handmade business, thanks to finding my target market.”

It doesn’t matter whether you’re spinning, dying and knitting with yarn the way Brenda Lavell does, or building information products that are totally digital, on any topic whatsoever. The subject matter is not the point here, but finding and keeping your target market IS the point.

Cultivating your potential customers begins before you meet them in person or online, and it never ends. Not really. Lavell calls it “a process.” Well, if so, it’s a never-ending process, and it needs to be a conscious choice as well.

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