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Finding Focus For Creating Information Products

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Leo Babauta posted his “7-Step Method To Find Focus For Writing” at the end of November of 2012. But his advice is ideal for every writer, every day. Babauta addresses the subject of resistance; it’s what gets in the way of our actually sitting down and writing.

I’m encouraging you to go to his post to see all seven steps, but this one really made me laugh, so I’m sharing it here.  It’s about finding focus for creating information products and doing any kind of writing, really. “Just before your writing block, turn off the Internet. Use Freedom or some other Internet blocker. Or unplug your router and give it to someone, instructing them not to give it back for 30 minutes.”

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Finding Focus For Creating Information Products

Ha!  Unplugging a router and handing it over to somebody else is hardcore, isn’t it? I am having trouble imaging a situation in which any information marketer would have to go so far as to unplug and quarantine his or her router (especially with a smart phone within an arm’s reach away) in order to be productive. But it could happen, and maybe in your own life.

Babauta’s point, and mine, is that turning off the Internet is crucial. It is at once the source of great input for our information marketing and the source of our greatest distraction. Well, parents of babies and small children may disagree, but that’s another topic entirely. The Internet never sleeps. Kids do.

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