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Finding Paying Customers For Your Info Products

Information Marketing

There’s a free and easy way to determine whether people will be willing to pay for any information products you create. Granted, it is a time-consuming process. But it can be time well spent when you are getting started marketing information.

Online forums where people gather to ask and answer questions and to post relevant comments offer the perfect environment for researching topics for info products.  You need to frequent the forums, too. You’ll see what people are talking about and what they are looking for, which is exactly what you need to know.

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Finding Paying Customers Online

Using our previous example, fans of container gardening can be found in various forums around the web.  When I searched, “container gardening forums,” several sites popped up.  I checked them out and sure enough, found plenty of avid gardeners asking questions and sharing ideas online.

Specialty forums are usually free to join. All you need to do is sign up and obtain a user name and password. You can be posting and commenting within a matter of minutes. But you’ll want to read the rules of each forum because many do not allow commercial offers or links to commercial sites.

If that is the case, you will primarily be reading and learning, and also making comments that inspire other forum readers to click on your profile to discover more about you.

But if you are allowed to post links to your email address and website address in forum posts you can begin to attract attention and build a list of interested buyers.  Attracting attention and building a list of interested buyers can jump-start the sale of information products on container gardening, or any other topic you select.

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