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Finding The Time to Write Your Info Products

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Seems like everybody and his brother has advice about time management. There are countless systems and charts and tools and timers, etc. But finding the time to write your info products really comes down to one thing – making it important to you.

I mean important like an emergency trip to the ER; important like not missing an appointment because you’ll get charged if you do.  Whatever it takes to motivate yourself is what you need to do.

Hey, how about charging yourself a fee if you miss an appointment to write? Assuming you hate to waste money as much as I do, this might just work! I know a real estate investor who hires contractors to remodel rental properties and charges them “rent” by the day. It’s all figured into their contract, based on the agreed-upon bid.

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Finding The Time to Write Your Info Products

But if the contractor goes over by one day, meaning the remodeling project is not completed on schedule and the landlord is missing out on rent from actual tenants, then the contractor has to pay additional rent by the day. Every extra day the job runs over, that rent money comes out of the contractor’s pocket.

Can you see how this stifles the urge to prolong the project, intentionally or even accidentally?

Could this same technique work for you and your writing appointments?

You could select a “day rate” and that’s what you have to pay when you procrastinate.

I love it. Let me know if you actually try this idea, and how it works out for you. I guess one thing that could happen is that you save up some cash and go on vacation to do your writing. Let me know, ok?

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