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Finding Your Information Marketing Target Market

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If you are an established professional, then you are undoubtedly familiar with your typical client or your average customer. You know the kind of person you need to attract to build success.  If, however, you are just beginning to build authority in your topic area, then you are probably very interested in finding your information marketing target market.

In many cases, people who already have a following discover that they have to start all over and find a new target market, too. Author and speaker Marnie Pehrson had one of the most well-established article directories on the web, and she had to close it down as a direct result of changes in Google search rankings over the last couple years. Pehrson had to re-position herself, so she has become adept at helping others do the same. She had to find a new target market, and her suggestions work for new entrepreneurs as well.


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Finding Your Information Marketing Target Market

Lisa Mininni recently posted about lead generation systems on RainToday. Lead generation is what we do when we are finding ways to increase opt-ins and sales. I like what she says about building a lead generation systems that works to attract and keep a target market:

“If your lead generation system produces traffic but not sales, it may not have anything to do with your lead generation system. It simply may have to do with a number of other processes that feed into it and off of it, which can cause the entire system to fail.

An effective lead generation system will do several things:

Pre-qualify your prospects

Cultivate a relationship

Obtain relevant data

Follow up and keep in touch

Target markets are people. And people like attention, meaning the right kind of attention at the right time – from YOU.

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