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Most info product marketers don’t spend too much time thinking about the free content they provide. Not good. Creating free content is one of the ways to turn your information marketing business into a REAL money maker. Those who sell info products for a living realize that the free content that you give away is critical to long term success.

Many aspiring information marketers are very hesitant to give away good, solid content. There major fear is that they will “use up” what they have and not be able to sell anything else.

I heard a guy speaking at an information marketing seminar who said: “We give our best information away for free.” Wow. What a concept. The fear on the part of many info product folks is the fact that they fear they will not have anything left.

My feeling is this. If you like your topic and are sincerely interested in it, you will ALWAYS have something to say and something to sell. Why? Because NEW things are happening all the time. Information marketing is NOT a static field. Each time I do one of my information marketing bootcamps the knowledge that I share changes. Why? Because the field of info products changes rapidly. Be sure you are keeping up with it all!

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