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One of the most effective ways to build a list for your info products business is by using FREE ebooks. For close to three years I’ve used the site: to do just that. 

I have 5 books worth over $100 that I give away for Free at that location. Feel free to tell you friends about that site.

Why do I do this? Aren’t I losing money by GIVING AWAY books? Actually not. The key is to understand that free ebook give aways are a great way to build your list. After all, it’s your single biggest asset in your info products business!

Most authors are BRAIN DEAD. They don’t get the fact that the REAL money comes from selling everything that you sell AFTER your book. Concentrate on JUST selling books and you’ll make very little money. Instead, do what I do. Give your books away in ebook form.

Do this and you’ll build a big list in your field. Then you can sell them the more expensive items and make the BIG money!

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