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If you are stuck with some leftover attitudes that aren’t working very well for your information marketing business, maybe it’s time to free your mind and build your career. I always call my info marketing business “my career, “ because it has provided me with a much more consistent flow of income than any job I ever had.

I’ve found that the first step to getting rid of old attitudes that aren’t working to support the creation and marketing of new information products is to step back and take a hard look at the attitudes you have right now. Jot them down, and be completely honest. Admit it if you are experiencing fear, and try to identify exactly what you’re afraid of happening or not happening.

info marketing free mind

Free Your Mind and Build Your Career

Once you do that, the next step is recognizing two distinct parts to developing a brand new attitude that actually works to build your career now.

I read the following in an email from Dov Gordon today:  “A belief is not an idea that is held by the mind.  It is an idea that holds the mind.” Doesn’t that ring true for you?

Recognizing the ways you are held captive by your past and your experiences that have created your expectations of life, including your information marketing career. It is the first of the two distinct parts of developing a new attitude.

And the second part is getting free. Oh, I know that probably sounds a bit flippant, but I mean it sincerely. You have to see where you are stuck and then do what it takes to get out of that rut.

Sometimes our life circumstances cannot change immediately, but our attitude about them can certainly change, to the ultimate benefit of our career.

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