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Fresh Keyword Sources For Your Information Marketing Writing

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Using the right keywords and keyphrases on your webpages and in your blog posts is truly a key to success in getting traffic to your sites. If you are looking for fresh keyword sources for your information marketing writing you’ll find a few in this post today.

Sujan Patel’s post in Search Engine Journal lately includes some good ones:

1) Your website’s contact form submissions.

2) Your industry’s most popular forums.

info marketing seo

Fresh Keyword Sources For Your Information Marketing Writing

3) Your industry’s listings on eBay.

4) Your competitor’s “best post” lists.

5) Your company’s receptionist [or your voicemail box that takes incoming calls].

These all point to the same thing – words that people use when they talk about what they need. They might not use the slick, easy phrases we are familiar with as experts. They might not have any idea what we mean when we say, “SEO,” but, instead, they might say, “I need more traffic to my website.”

Mining the real words that people say and type into search bars has never been easier than it is now that Google and eBay and other search engines provide instant drop-down menus of suggestions. Those suggestions ARE the keywords and keyphrases people are typing. That’s why they appear on the screen.

Using these words and phrases in articles and blog posts is the way to get more traffic for your information marketing business.

I especially like Patel’s suggestion #5, talk to a person who hears questions everyday. In case you don’t have a receptionist (you would be like most of us) then your voicemail recordings are golden. Listen to them with an ear for keywords next time you check your voicemail.

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