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Get A Literary Agent’s Attention On Your Book

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Have you been thinking about how to get a literary agent’s attention on your book?  This may or may not be the best plan for your information marketing business, and you will want to be very sure that seeking a traditional publisher is really what you want before you spend much time getting an agent.

But if that is your desire, you might want to check out this list of the “Top 5 Ways To Grab An Agent With Your Query Letter In The Very First Sentence,” which was provided in an email to his list from Jeff Rivera:

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Get A Literary Agent’s Attention On Your Book

“1) Start with a question that makes them ponder?
2) Talk about a dramatic moment in your personal life that connects with the book you’ve written
3) Tell them immediately about your platform
4) Compliment them on a specific recent sale
5) Tell them who referred you”

Rivera indicates that your book query letter will have mere seconds to capture the attention of any literary agent, so you have to make your pitch stand out from the crowd, in a good way. In other words, be relevant and interesting, or don’t write the query letter at all because you’re wasting your time as well as the agent’s time.

Make sure that the writing in your query letter meets or exceeds the standard you set in writing your book. You are not dashing off a note to a friend. You are writing THE promotional piece to capture the attention of someone who is highly skilled in recognizing the potential commercial value of any book. Your writing must embody that value from the first word.

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