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Get More Subscribers To Your List With Email Marketing

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No matter how many social media opportunities pop up, and no matter how popular they become, it seems that one thing never changes – you can get more subscribers to your list with email marketing than any other method.

Beth Hayden posted 3 Quick Ways To Perk Up Your Email Marketing Efforts on Copyblogger lately, and they are definitely useful for information marketers:

“1. Create a dedicated subscribe page

You already know how important it is to have an opt-in form on your site. But if you need to email a link to a potential subscriber, and you have to go through a verbal game of Twister to describe how to subscribe, that’s not good…

smart stealing info marketing mailing list

Get More Subscribers To Your List With Email Marketing

2. Send a simple newsletter that features great, useful content…

3. Email your list more often

People are a lot less likely to unsubscribe than you think — even when you are sending them lots of email correspondence. “

These ideas are not new, but Hayden is brining them to a whole new generation of email marketers who have been reading blogs and online news sites for many years. Newsletters have been around a long time, and they have been foundational in building huge subscriber lists for many top internet marketers.

Here’s a good explanation of the difference between a newsletter and a blog, from the Penn State Marketing and Communications Department:

“In general, people process information better in smaller chunks. For example, if you publish a weekly newsletter with ten articles, people may read two or three of the articles. If you were to publish those articles as they were written (say at a rate of two per day) your readers would see smaller chunks of content more frequently.  They would be more likely to read one or both of those articles than they would to read all ten articles (or even five out of ten) in the weekly distribution.”

Here’s the point, you email your list with a link to your blog posts or to your newsletter. That’s how it works best, by combining email with your information marketing content.

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