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Get Your Mission Statement Right To Build Your Info Business

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In order to get your mission statement right to build your info business, there are some very basic, but not necessarily simple choices. Seth Godin hit the nail directly on the head in a blog post this week when he said:

“It’s so easy to string together a bunch of platitudes and call them a mission statement. But what happens if you actually have a specific mission, a culture in mind, a manifesto for your actions?

The essential choice is this: you have to describe (and live) the difficult choices. You have to figure out who you will disappoint or offend. Most of all, you have to be clear about what’s important and what you won’t or can’t do.”

info marketing mission statement

Get Your Mission Statement Right To Build Your Info Business

Forcing yourself to sit down and contemplate difficult choices, and then writing them down is hard enough. But “living them,” as Godin says, is the toughest part. You absolutely, positively CANNOT PLEASE  EVERYONE, so don’t even try. Don’t waste your time trying because you are NOT going to be the first person in history who finally pleased every possible customer or client. It will never happen.

Godin is talking to and about larger organizations in his post, but his comments are also relevant for solo entrepreneurs building information marketing businesses. Try this on for size, too:

“It’s incredibly difficult to live one, because it requires difficult choices and the willingness to own the outcome of your actions. If you’re going to permit loopholes, wiggle room and deniability, don’t even bother.”

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