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Getting More Speaking Engagements To Market Information

Information Marketing

Have you been wondering about getting more speaking engagements to market information?

Scott McKain, in his article in Speaker Magazine online, contends that your success in obtaining more speaking venues is likely to be the result of asking the right question. He suggests this one: “Why would a meeting professional (or organization) choose me instead of other worthy professionals?”

I’ve had a public speaking career for decades, and from my own experience I can say that question is a great one. Instead of looking around for audiences, thinking that you need more for your own purposes, just stop that process and go in reverse. Stop thinking about what you need and start thinking about what other people need.

Professional Speaking as Information Marketing

Getting More Speaking Engagements To Market Information

Who NEEDS to hear what you have to say?  Where is there likely to be a significant number of these people gathered in one place? And in addition, how much is their organization willing to pay for you to speak?

If you start out by knowing your answer to McKain’s question, then my questions get easier to answer. Knowing what you can share with an audience, and knowing it is unique and valuable, forms the foundation of your speaking to promote your information marketing business.

Another comment by McKain:

“If you’re a beginning speaker with a lot of desire, but little experience, there is an advantage you do have: a lower fee! Your best bet is to be speaking as much as you possibly can in order to develop a growing client list. There are always organizations with tight budgets that are looking for someone of ability to deliver a message of importance.”

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