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Do You Want to Double or Triple Your Income as a Coach or Consultant?

Monday, October 17, 2022

Are you truly satisfied by the amount of money you’re currently making in your coaching or consulting business right now?

Do you often feel like you’re tremendously UNDERpaid?

Have you ever wanted to find a way to get a piece of the action rather than just collecting a monthly or hourly check?

If so, you aren’t alone . . .

For many years, I operated the same way. I’d find and sign clients who paid me either an hourly or monthly fee for my knowledge and expertise.

It’s how everyone else was doing it, and all I did was play “follow the leader.”

Similarly, when I was just starting out, I used to speak at a lot of events. Many of them were my own. I’d sell a package of training materials that gave people precise steps to follow in order to get them results. That’s how you were supposed to do it.

One problem - no one ended up implementing the great ideas I gave them!

So, I changed my model.

I’d invite people to my house, six at a time, feed and bunk them for a week and share my entire system A to Z.

And what I found was, with the right system and plan-of-action . . . these clients could be made into partners, ones where you’d both SHARE a portion of the results that you deliver.

No more chump change, now I was getting a piece of the action. Something I never got with my old model.

And so, about 11 years ago, I switched my model to what I use today.

I call it the “Dynamic Equity Coaching” model (‘DEC’ for short). Rather than getting paid by clients on an hourly or monthly basis, I now only have equity partners with which I share a 50/50 split of the profits.

This has radically changed both the results I’ve been able to achieve for them, and the amount of income I’ve generated for myself.

The problem, as I see it, for the vast majority of coaches and consultants is this . . .

They are all renters and not owners (to use a real estate analogy).

As a coach/consultant, you’ve been dishing out great advice and securing astronomical gains for some of your clients. BUT, you haven’t been able to participate in the meteoric rise in profits you’ve been able to help them achieve.

That stops NOW!

The system that I’ve developed makes it so that you SHARE a portion of the results that you deliver.

And shouldn’t you? Absolutely!

In order to adopt the Dynamic Equity Model you have to:

Carefully select whom you will work with
Create an agreement that compensates you fairly for results
Deliver those results so that both you and your partners are delighted
Now obviously, that’s easier said than done, right?

You can’t normally double or triple the amount of money you make without spending twice as many hours as you are now.

That’s why I’ve created the Dynamic Equity Coaching model to make it so you can work less and make more. It’s that simple.

If you’d like, let’s hop on a quick phone call together to see if the DEC approach is right for you.

Just book a time to chat that works for you:

During that call, we’ll look at how you can restructure your coaching/consulting business so you can work far fewer hours and make a whole heck of a lot more money.

I have to be honest with you. You may not be right for this approach. BUT, the only way to find out is to get on a call and see if the Dynamic Equity Coaching model will work for you and your business.

I’m putting together a new program that only has 10 spots available. So, If we get on a call, I’ll still be sure to leave you with some ideas you can use to dramatically improve your results . . . even if you choose not to work with me.

And if you do end up being a good fit, I’ll invite you to join my new beta program that starts in a few months.

I look forward to speaking with you!

All the Best,


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