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Glenn Livingston On Choosing An Info Marketing Topic

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I always think about the selection of a topic for information marketing as the first, most critical choice for success. It’s like choosing a spouse. You have to find the right one for the marriage to work out.

Here are some tips from Glenn Livingston on choosing an info marketing topic:

“There are only essentially 3 things I look for in a market:

1.  Volume/Demand:  Are there enough people looking for products and services to fill their need?

info marketer glenn livingston

Glenn Livingston On Choosing An Info Marketing Topic

2.  Profitability: How likely is it that people are doing well … and how well are they doing?

3.  Competitiveness:  In my experience, it’s MUCH easier to add value to a hyper-competitive market than to be the first to establish value in a niche.

Livingston does his deep research with the benefit of his training as a psychologist. You and I don’t have that advantage, so that’s why I listen to this advice, offered in a recent email to his list.  He specializes in helping businesses of all types build their AdWords campaigns to attract and convert the right customers.

However, I don’t necessarily agree with his third point regarding competitive markets. It’s true, of course. I mean, it IS easier to market information products in an existing, proven niche. But that is not to say that carving out your own unique niche is a bad idea.

Establishing a niche can be a very good idea if there is sufficient demand for what you are offering.  The trick is to KNOW the extent of the customer interest and demand before you even begin creating products.  Livingston is 100% correct on that point, for sure.

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