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Glenn Livingston‘s Advice on Web Traffic

Information Marketing

I have known him for a long time, so I pay attention to Glenn Livingston’s advice on web traffic now. For those of us who have been information marketers online for a long time, it is sobering advice for sure, but very important for us all to understand, whether you’re just getting involved or you’re an old-timer:

“It’s MUCH easier for the regulatory agencies to focus their limited resources on the BIG players, so the convenience of “one stop shopping” for your traffic comes with a heavy compliance price tag…

info marketer glenn livingston

Glenn Livingston‘s Advice on Web Traffic

OR…you can get your traffic from smaller networks, individual site buys, banners, email buys, etc. in an environment which is still a little bit like the unregulated Wild West, where the self-serve platforms are much more crude and underdeveloped, where you often need to spend more time talking to (and negotiating with) advertising reps, and where you’ve got to patch quite a few different sources together to get traffic in volume.”

Livingston is saying that your information marketing tactics on Google, Yahoo and Bing will be much more heavily scrutinized than elsewhere. He is an expert on pay-per-click advertising, and that is the context in which his comments should be understood. If you are engaging in PPC ads online, you are going to have to adhere to increasingly strict requirements.

I think that another thing he shares in his post is possibly even more significant, because it affects all our content, not just our ads, “SEO has somewhat fewer cops at present, but believe me, they’re coming!”

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