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Glenn Livingston’s Advice To Internet Marketers

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Glenn Livingston’s advice to internet marketers posted as an interview on his blog is also for offline marketers as well. The particular advice he gives in this interview addresses a subject common to all of us – pricing our products and services in order to profit. This is a topic that never grows old.

Livingston is a psychologist, so his advice comes from a long career in understanding how people think in any market. He specializes in working with internet marketers now, and that applies to 100% of information marketers who are serious about their businesses.

I’ll summarize Livingston’s advice for you, at least the part about raising prices that applies to nearly all of us, all of the time. It’s a hot topic, for sure.

info marketer glenn livingston

Glenn Livingston’s Advice To Internet Marketers

Basically, time is a factor in giving notice of price increases for coaching or on-going consulting practices. The more lead time you give your clients and customers, the more likely they will stick with you when your prices increase.

But pricing is not only an issue for ongoing business relationships. Knowing how to price your time and your information products is always important. In my experience it is best achieved by testing various prices.

Livingston advocates testing product pricing and marketing tools such as AdWords campaigns and landing page content as well. Those tools may not apply to your information marketing business, but pricing applies to the majority of my own clients and customers, and so Livingston’s advice is timely and relevant.

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