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Going Viral Is A Good Thing In Information Marketing

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What causes an email or a YouTube video to spread at the speed of light? Well, cute kittens for one thing. Apparently photos of kittens are the most universally popular image online. I had to laugh when I read that because there is not one photo of a cute cat on any of my websites and I’ve never linked one to my emails!

Assuming you are not going to rely on cat photos in your information marketing either, you may be wondering what also works. I know I do. I’m constantly watching what lands in my inbox, what makes me open specific emails and what makes me do something after reading them.

information marketing viral video

The simple secret to making your marketing spread is making it interesting to certain people.

The simple secret to making your marketing spread is making it interesting to certain people. Please note that I said, “certain people,” and I DID NOT say, “lots of people.” Going viral is a good thing in information marketing, and it’s a very good thing when it happens to you.

Your marketing emails, and links to your websites, videos, podcasts and PDFs will only spread for one reason, and that is because they touch someone deeply. That’s it. It only happens when something you created has managed to reach in and electrify one person to the core.

Maybe your information marketing product thrilled that person. Maybe it made her livid. Maybe she knew instantly that her home school group needs what you have to offer so she forwarded your email to her whole group immediately.

Bingo. That’s what you want. You want her to pass on the electricity so that others will do the same. An info product goes viral for the same reason we occasionally succumb to cold or flu symptoms –  something gets deep within us. For better or for worse, depending on the virus, we cannot help but share it.

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