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Google+ For Information Marketers

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Almost everybody says the same thing, “Oh, I set up a Google+ profile a while ago, but I just don’t use it much.”  Does that describe you, too?  I am on the track of learning how to use Google+ for information marketers and for myself, naturally. But I still have a lot to learn.

Guy Kawasaki knows how to use Google+ and he wants to make sure the rest of us know how to use it, so he’s giving away his book on the subject.  When you visit Guy’s profile you’ll see that he has over 3.7 million people in his circles. Not too shabby.

information marketing and google plus

Information Marketing and Google Plus

I don’t have 3.7 million people with me in their circles (yet) so I listen to what he has to say. This video gives you an opportunity to hear Guy interviewed yesterday on a live stream.  He’s talking about self-publishing vs traditional publishing, a topic dear to my own heart.

My brief summary of Google+ for information marketers is this – Do it.  Do it now. Do it for one particular reason, although there are many reasons to do it. The first and most important reason to set up your Google+ profile now is because if you are marketing information then you are a writer, and Google+ gives authors a tremendous advantage.

Check it out.  Conduct a Google search on your own topic and notice if any little postage-stamp photos of authors pop up beside any search results.  When you have published articles and linked them to your Google+ profile your photo will show up in the search results, which is definitely a good thing.

I’m learning about it, and suggest you do the same.

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