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Great Email Subject Lines For Marketing Information

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Without an enticing subject line, there’s no point to emailing your list. Great subject lines for marketing information are an absolute necessity.

Shanelle Smith posted on this topic lately, bringing the issue home for all of us:

“You probably only open about 25% of the emails you receive and of the ones you do open, probably less than half actually garner a quick read or click on a link.

What determines whether you open an email? Answer: The sender and the subject, which is why that one-liner is so important.”

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Great Email Subject Lines For Marketing Information

She’s talking about email subject lines, of course. They are the doorway to your world that you want to share with your email recipients, and you want them to open that door every time. Asking questions is often a good technique, and so is planting a teaser idea that creates curiosity. Those two popular subject line techniques can be used to good advantage for marketing information.

Here’s another super-important tip offered by Smith in her post, “Some email clients truncate subject lines longer than 55 characters, so keep it short and sweet.”  Fifty-five characters isn’t very many. It requires superb editing skills to create curiosity or ask a question in such a short string of letters and spaces.

Writing subject lines is one of those skills that takes practice, a lot of practice. Getting started with subject lines, and then paring them down so they can be read in their entirety on any of your email recipients’ screens, is a good way to spend some time every day.

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