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Steven MacDonald posted some great ideas for content marketing on Search Engine Journal this week. I’m picking out a few to share with you here because content is key to your page rankings and your page conversions. You cannot build your information marketing business without plenty of content.

MacDonald includes the following ideas in his list of twenty (I’ve re-numbered them for this post):

1.  Interview industry leaders

info marketing idea tips

Great Ideas For Content Marketing

2. Conduct a survey

3. Report news in your industry

4. Host a webinar

5. Create a “Top 10 bloggers to follow” list

6. Launch a beginner’s guide

7. Top 10 blog posts of the month

That’s a good sample from MacDonald’s list. I like these seven, and I’ve used most of them with great success, and so have the majority of my joint venture partners.

There are three that I have yet to experiment with, however, and those are numbers five through seven. One reason I made this list for my readers today is because I want to remember those three items myself!

Although I’ve had a ton of free information for information marketing beginners on my website for many years, and it is still completely relevant and useful, there are tons of new things to share as well.  I guess this blog is where I keep up-to-date, but it would be good to produce a new beginner’s product, too.

We all have a tendency to forget, and it’s always good to remember how to see our info product topics through the eyes of a beginner. It’s crucial, in fact.

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