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If you are already writing blog posts for your own website’s blog page then you may have considered guest blogging for your information marketing business, too. That means you provide free content that is NOT blatantly promotional to other bloggers in order to generate links back to your own website or blog.

Guest blogging makes sense, of course, because the links back to your site are important to improving page rank. And there’s nothing wrong with building rapport and interaction with other people in your industry. If you are an insurance agent selling property and casualty insurance only, you could provide a post for an agent selling life and health insurance only, for example. You’re both insurance agents, but not direct competitors.

info marketing guest blogging

Guest Blogging For Your Information Marketing Business

If you use “guest blogging” as a search term you’ll find a TON of articles on it as a method to get traffic to your website and to promote yourself on the web. However, some voices of reason disagree.

Matt McGee is one of those voices. Here’s a quote from his interview with Andy Beal, posted on Marketing Pilgrim:

“But whenever something starts to work, the SEO industry has a history of hammering it to death until Google has no choice but to make it stop working. This thing where there’s so much guest blogging for the sake of getting links seems like it’s headed in that direction to me.”

Oh, boy. This is a good time to remember that McGee is Editor-In-Chief of both Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. He definitely has his hear to the ground on SEO trends, and he’s hearing the rumble of approaching change on the SEO value of guest blog posting now.

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