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Head’s Up Small Business Info Marketers

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Head’s up, small business info marketers:  If you are a solo entrepreneur, you are in business, even if it is only a part-time business. Maybe you are a full-time employee or a professional by day, but if you are marketing information on the side, you are in business.

A DocStoc article this week provides statistics from an Alibaba survey of small businesses, and it was quite interesting, especially these stats, “According to the survey, of the 600 U.S. small business owners surveyed, 97% had an online presence (80% online only, 17% both online and offline and 3% offline only).”  I’m not sure that 97% of all small businesses have websites, but maybe I’m wrong.  Alibaba was surveying businesses involved in international trade, so that might explain  the high percentage.

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Small Business Info Marketers

Anyway, what I find more fascinating is that 80% of the businesses surveyed were online only, and a mere 17% had both an online and an offline presence. Think about that for a minute. Online only is an increasingly common business model, especially in this economy when brick-and-mortar facilities are prohibitively expensive to staff and maintain. There is definitely no stigma attached to an online-only business in the present world marketplace.

If you are creating and selling info products then you are very likely working from a home office with a web-only presence. It’s good to know that model has become the accepted norm for small business now. Building your credibility and authority online, however, does not necessarily happen exclusively online. Your offline networking and your client and customer base is critical to building your online success.

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