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Hiring An Editor For Your Information Marketing Books

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Even those of us who feel as though we are pretty competent writers are guilty of failing to edit thoroughly. It’s a whole separate function, and it involves different skills. Yes, some good writers are also good editors, but usually they choose not to edit their own work.  Hiring an editor for your information marketing books may be one of the best investments you make in your business.

Naturally, your first thought is likely to be, “where do I find an editor that is right for me and for my unique content?”  Good thoughts.  Stacy Ennis posted on Jane Friedman’s blog this week, and she had some good ideas to inspire your thoughts of finding a freelance editor:

info marketing book editor

Hiring An Editor For Your Information Marketing Books

“1. Look for someone with experience.

2. Find a qualified editor who brings good energy to the process.

3. Look in the right places.

4. Interview the editor’s past clients.

5. Interview the editor and work on a sample chapter together.

Ennis’ point #5 is my favorite. All her other points are excellent, but #5 is where the rubber meets the road for you and your own book project. You can have a good feeling about someone when you talk, and you can get good reports about him or her, but there’s nothing like a personal experience to bring up the possibilities and/or the red flags right away.

Several commenters provided their suggestions for places to find experienced freelance editors. That was interesting, too. But, once again, working on a sample chapter or even a sample short project is definitely the best way to know if you and an editor of your choice are compatible.

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