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How Are Your Email Opt-In Forms Working For You?

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There are a variety of standard opt-in forms you can use to capture the name, email address and other information about visitors to your information marketing landing pages, websites and blog posts. Some seem to be more effective than others, and it appears that there are some specific reasons. How are your email opt-in forms working for you?

Andy Crestodina posted on the Orbit Studios blog, with some fascinating statistics and good suggestions. The first thing that caught my eye was his examples of an opt-in box accessed by clicking a link and going to another page, compared to an opt-in box on the same page. Guess which one was more successful? You probably guessed it right – the one on the same page. It’s easier.

info marketing email opt in forms

How Are Your Email Opt-In Forms Working For You?

Well, Crestodina showed the stats before and after this simple change, and they were stunning. Opt-ins to their blog increased 750%.  And if you’re wondering if that jump in subscriptions was fueled by spambots, resulting in fake and malicious activity, the answer is no. He replies to a comment on his post on the subject of CAPTCHA use:

“We haven’t had a problem with spam email sign-ups. Lately we’re getting 99% delivery with 30% opens, so the list seems very clean. Spammers seem to target contact forms much more than subscription forms.”

Very good stats, indeed. Any info marketer should be envious, and willing to learn from them.

Crestodina’s formula for successful opt-in forms features, “prominence, promise, proof and privacy.” Those are the qualities our opt-in boxes need to employ in order to grow our information marketing subscriptions.

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