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How I Now Shop for Books as an Information Marketer

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Every information marketer should be reading. A LOT! If you’re committed to doing that, you’ll have some choices. One will be to go to the library. The problem with doing that in THIS industry is that most books that make it to the library will be WAY out of date!

Part of your budget should be set aside for buying books. In my case I spend a LOT of money each year on books. Over $1,000! In an attempt to reduce the financial burden of book buying, I recently bought a Kindle.

My idea was to buy the books that I wanted in electronic form and chop my expenses dramatically. The Kindle will help, and will pay for itself within a year. BUT, in the future, ebook readers will SUBSTANTIALLY cut the cost of buying reading material.

For now, the big publishing houses are worried to cut the price of books TOO much. They fear that they may be cannibalizing the sales of their hard copy books. Or some other inane fear. This will change. Publishers are looking to maximize revenue. They will find a sweet spot where the ebook prices will generate more TOTAL revenue. I suspect that price will be a LOT lower than they are now.

Right now, here is how I do things. I go into Barnes and Noble or Borders to LOOK at the newest books that I’m interested in. I now carry BOTH my Kindle and my Laptop into the stores. Luckily they have free WIFI in just about every one.

Nice for me, not a particularly good idea for them.

Here’s why.

When I see a book I like, I take it off the shelf and bring it over to where they have some comfy chairs to sit in. I sit down. I go through all of the books that I’m interested in. I separate them into two piles. Pile #1 – I DEFINITELY want to buy this book. Pile #2: I do NOT want this book.

I then pick up the first pile and open my laptop. I log on and go to Amazon’s site. I see what Amazon would charge me to buy the book and ship it to me. I compare this price to the price that I would have to pay to buy the book right then and there from Barnes and Noble as a member.

Since I am an Amazon Prime customer, I will get the book in 48 hours if I order it online, so I will make a very cold, rational, price based decision. BTW, I pay NOTHING for shipping as an Amazon Prime customer after I’ve paid my YEARLY fee with them.

Let’s say the cost of the book is $20 at Barnes and Noble. On that particular book I would only get 10% off since it’s not a best-seller or one they are giving a significant price break on. So my net cost to buy it at B&N is $18.20. Still with me here?

I then check Amazon to see what the cost of the PHYSICAL book would be if I bought from them. On my most recent trip, for a book like this one, I was able to buy the PHYSICAL book for around $14. The Kindle Price was around $12.75 or thereabouts.

I have to tell you, I PREFER physical books, but if the price were a LOT better for the Kindle version of a book, I would go that route.

There you have it. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

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