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Everyone in the information marketing business is looking to make more money. And, to be able to do so with a minimum amount of effort. It’s always easier to sell other people’s products. Why? Because people are less apt to think that you’re promoting YOU and YOUR things. They will look at your efforts as less selfish.

Here’s how you do it.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for any company that has an affiliate program that has a product or service that would work well for your list or customers.

Next, go to UltraCheapDomains and reserve a domain name that relates to the product or service that you’ll be promoting as an affiliate. Here’s a few examples. Recently I reserved the name This link sends people to a website that shows them how to set up a basic membership site with protected pages.

I try and keep my names for all the programs I produce very similar. I try and use the word COOL on the front and TOOL on the back of the domain name. This makes it relatively simple for me to remember.

I also have a domain name, CoolHostingCompany. This redirects people to a site that allows them to host an unlimited number of domains for a very low flat price. Notice with this site, I did not use the same convention. Although I used the word “Cool” to start, I put the word “Company” on the end. With your names, keep it consistent.

Why should you use a system like I’m recommending here? Why not just take the affiliate link that the company gives you and use that? Most companies that offer affiliate arrangements will send you a long set of digits and letters to use to promote your link as an affiliate. They are almost ALWAYS difficult to spell and remember.

If you use my system, all you have to do is go to UltraCheapDomains and then go into the “forwarding” area. Input your affiliate link here. In a few minutes, when people type in that domain name it will go directly to your affiliate link but without having to remember all those crazy letters and numbers.

I do this with virtually every affiliate relationship I have.

Try and keep your pattern consistent. That way you’ll never forget what your affiliate domain name is.

Here’s another example. There’s a great program to show you how to SPY on your competition. My domain for that one is: I use the word “Cool” as the first word in the domain. Then I put in the field/area involved. Then I use “Tool’ as the last word. I suggest you develop a system like this for yourself.

Just make sure that whatever words you select and easy for people to remember and spell. Do this will ALL the companies where you have affiliate relationships and you’ll make more money!

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