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How Old Do You Have to Be to Start An Information Marketing Business?

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I just spent an hour on the phone earlier today with a “kid” who is 17 years old. He has been running businesses since he was 13. One of those businesses was an information marketing concern. He is now a partner in a solar energy business that did $63,000 in revenue YESTERDAY! WOW. This is the same person who I’ll be working with in the video email business.

Information marketing does not have an age requirement. He related to me how he is often reluctant to talk to people and tell them his REAL age. He worries (accurately in my opinion) that people will decide in advance that he isn’t OLD enough or EXPERIENCED enough to do this or that.

I remember what I was that age. There were a LOT of things that I could do that most people didn’t think I had the right to even try. As a result of that experience I have NEVER paid ANY attention to how old someone is. All that matters is whether or not someone can do the work.

That’s it, that’s all.

I am excited to be working with someone who has talent and ability. I have absolutely NO interest in his age. It’s all about results. Particularly when it comes to business and more specifically, selling info products. It will be fun to work with someone like Joshua. He’s based in Phoenix and still lives with his folks as he finishes his senior year.

He was on track to become a cardiologist until he discovered his entrepreneurial talent. His Dad came to this country and had to work doing manual labor to put food on the table. At 17 years old he has helped his parents pay off the mortgage on the house he lives in. Wow.

When I was 17 I didn’t do anything like this. I was too busy playing golf and chasing girls. Both with limited success!

I look forward to working with Josh. I suggest you drop your pre-conceived ideas about whether or not a 17 year old can be a true “partner” in a REAL business. My answer is YES. If the results tell me he can do it, he can. I’ll be happy to report the results to you as they come in.

Since he is “under” me in the video email business, I have a vested interest in his success. Hopefully, I’ll help him to succeed. MORE likely, he’ll be helping me to succeed. In exchange, I’ll take him out for a beer. OOPS, that’s right, they may card him. I’ll wait til his next birthday to do that.

BUT, not to work with him. His age makes absolutely NO difference to me as an info marketer.

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2 Responses to “How Old Do You Have to Be to Start An Information Marketing Business?”

  1. Adarsh on May 31st, 2011 5:26 am

    I never thought that age was a true barrier for doing anything (Other than getting married maybe).

    It’s great that you share such stories here.

    Carl Ocab used his age to make his blog a hit (Make money with a 13 yeard old was his tag line).

    Then there are a few successful people like Alex from blogussion (17 years old)

    There is also from Michael Martin problogdesign. He did not reveal his age until he built up credibility due to the same fear.

    I’m 22 myself and I teach others how to build an online business.

    Certainly age is no barrier

  2. Fred Gleeck on May 31st, 2011 7:25 am

    Adarsh, all true!

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