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How The Muppets Excel At Information Marketing

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Are you curious? Am I crazy, or is it possible that you and I can benefit from understanding how the Muppets excel at information marketing?  Yup, we can all do it, and have some fun, too.

Andrew Davis worked for the Jim Henson Company, so he knows his Muppets. And he knows, firsthand, the marketing genius of Jim Henson, who built an enormous marketing empire that shows no signs of waning after decades of enormous success.

Davis offers the following points in his video presentation “5 Marketing Lessons Learned From the Muppets,” linked above:

  1. Great content sells great products.
  2. Focus builds character.

    info marketing and the muppets

    How The Muppets Excel At Information Marketing

  3. See what your customer sees.
  4. The hook comes first.
  5. Finding the inner value of your organization.

That punch list doesn’t do the video presentation justice, but it encapsulates Davis’ points. If you think back to the times you’ve seen the Muppets on TV, and then to the times you’ve seen Tickle Me Elmo dolls, and myriad books and videos for sale online and offline, your mind will get into the groove here.

The Muppets combined entertainment and education on Sesame Street, and that’s the place we can all take a cue as information marketers. We don’t have to use puppets to convey our topics, but we can leave an indelible impression that makes our audiences want more of what we have to offer.

I am thinking about item #2 in Davis’ list above – focus builds character. The character that is being built is our own character, our own persona, our own brand. We have to become a character of substance and then have the ability to know and understand how our audience perceives our character in order to have a powerful, enduring marketing presence.

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One Response to “How The Muppets Excel At Information Marketing”

  1. Monja on February 17th, 2013 9:02 am

    I totally agree with you. It’s in the end all about content. If the customer feels that it’s worth to spend time with you upfront he most probably will also buy your product. I know that, from some of my favorite online marketers, I’d buy a product the minute it is releases, no matter what the price is (at least if it is not totally out of my budget) and yes, I’m a big fan of them because they entertain me and they appreciate me as their reader.

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