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Let’s assume that you have finished creating a “killer” information product. Now the question is: How do you get it out into the market and get people buying it? The answer, if you’re doing it right, is MANY things. If you have a simple uni-dimensional way that you sell your products, success is unlikely. Instead use a multi-pronged approach.

1. Your own in-house list.

The single best method of distribution and sales for your info products is through your own list. The list that you’ve created over a period of time is key to your success. You’ve (hopefully) built a solid relationship with your list members. They will be where you start the sales process first.

I go out to my list as soon as a product is completed. I do it IMMEDIATELY after it’s done. My first offer is what I call a “pre-publication” offer. I make the offer before I write the copy that I will later use to sell the product. All I do is list all the elements of the outline I used to create the product. Since I’m making this offer to my own in house list, they are more understanding, particularly because they’ve SEEN me do this before.

After the outline, I then just create a link in WebMarketingMagic. The link and the outline is all I use to sell the product. It has worked very well for me.

2. Joint Venture Partners.

There are people who would love to help you sell your products to THEIR list. These are the first folks you should pursue to become your JV partners. They will be given a piece of code (created from WebMarketingMagic) which will allow them to promote your product to their list and get a commission for doing so.

Most joint venture partners will not want to start promoting your products without a complete sale letter that has been written and tested. That’s the time to approach these folks. They will also want to see your numbers. Specifically, they will want to know your “average visitor value”.

3. Amazon/Ebay

The last area where you can promote your products is through sites like Amazon and Ebay. Getting your product listed on Amazon is easy. And with Ebay, all you have to do is set up a listing to sell your product. The nice thing about listing your product on both of these sites is the amount of traffic that they get. You’ll be able to get in front of people that would NEVER have found you through other means.

Make sure and use all three of these means of marketing and distribution. This will allow you to get the best chance to get people to buy your info products.

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