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You might want to get involved in the conversation following Barry Feldman’s article on Copyblogger because the comments are excellent, right up there with the quality of his post.  It’s all about how to lose your information marketing trust, or any trust online for that matter.

I especially appreciate Feldman’s summary, “The current citizens of the web have the most finely-tuned BS filters in the history of publishing, and hands that are never far from the back button. So be good. Be ethical and honest. Be present. Be like the people you trust most — the ones who are happy to help you. Emulate the people who help you, because it’s the right thing to do, not just because it’s lucrative.”

info marketing trust

Information Marketing Trust

Isn’t that a neat recipe for life in general, not just life on the web? Life is really about building trust, and that goes for our families of origin, our friends in school, our dating and marriage relationships and our business or professional relationships. If we don’t have trust we don’t get along too well in this life, at least not for long.

So, let’s say you have built up a list of people who want to receive emails and blog posts from you regularly. Let’s say you get very few unsubscribes, until suddenly they take a jump. What happened?  Do you know? Well, you might not know what happened, but you should certainly care about what happened.

As a result of social media, other people can say things about us and about our information marketing business that has a ripple effect, good or bad. If you are not in the loop of social media and you are not searching to see what is posted about you, chances are that you won’t know what happened until it is too late.

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